Earlobe Repair in Boise, ID

Torn or Stretched Earlobes? We can help.

Our highly-qualified, experienced professionals will restore any modified or torn earlobe. 

It’s almost as if we turn back time...

At Earmark, we help you leave the past behind. Whether your earrings ripped out by accident (*ouch!*) or you’re tired of flappy, droopy earlobe skin and/or desire to progress career-wise — we’re here to help.  

Earlobe Repair in Boise Idaho

Procedures are (1) conducted in a sterile environment (2) by an actual professional (3) who understands all the intricacies of the ear.  

It’s a process that simply can’t (and, under no circumstance, should) be rushed! Great work takes time.

The entire process takes about 2 hours, sometimes a bit more. 

Cost is completely dependent on the severity of the tear or stretch.

Let's rewind time together.

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