PRP in Boise

Microneedling With PRP in Boise, ID

Get Drop-dead Gorgeous Skin By Using The Latest Skin Science!

Microneedling essentially “hacks” your body’s own healing mechanism & turbo-boosts collagen & elastin production. 

Combined with PRP (Plasma-Rich Platelet), the results are just mind-bogglingly incredible. PRP is a 100% natural “super substance” that is extracted from your own body and applied topically. PRP drastically enhances the results you’ll receive from your microneedling session. (Some call it “microneedling on steroids” to underline its effectiveness.)  

Microneedling with PRP in Boise

Does it hurt? No. A topical anesthetic (i.e. numbing cream) will be applied for maximum comfort. Downtime? In the days following your microneedling session, you might experience some light skin peeling or redness, but these side effects fade quickly.  

If you desire glowing, drop-dead gorgeous skin, Microneedling with PRP is for you.

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